We aren't going to bore you with all the startup roller coaster details. Okay, maybe just one sentence about it. Building a software product like Spruce is damn hard!

Okay. That's all. No more. Let's look ahead...

We know Spruce can be SOOO much better. We also know that while the "spreadsheet view" (current version) works, it's not actually doing anything for you. We want Spruce to do things for you. To serve up important parts of your Traffic/Subscribers/Revenue data, and tell you how to make improvements. We know what we want Spruce to do, we just need time and focus to make our goals a reality.

That's why, as of May 21, we're going to take the current version of Spruce completely offline.

Fear not! This is not a forever move.

We are not moving to an island and giving up on Spruce. We simply need the mental and physical bandwidth to focus on getting the next version of Spruce together.

Many of you have been with us before Spruce existed (as Founding Members). You bought into the idea of Spruce. That means a ton to us and is a motivating factor in making sure we give you the best product we can.

We aren't putting a firm deadline out into the world just yet, because we want to see how things go once we shut down the current version of Spruce and 100% focus on the next.

As soon as we have a go-live date of the next version of Spruce, you will be the FIRST to hear about it (and see it, and play with it, and use it, and hopefully love it!)

Thank you so much for your support and patience. We will be in touch very soon.