Simple analytics to help you grow your business.

Doesn’t it suck to login to multiple websites to view your website traffic, email subscribers, and revenue sources for your business? With Spruce Metrics, you get one (sexy) place to view all your data. Then we’re going to crunch all that data to help you grow your business. Kind of like how a Thighmaster™ helps you sculpt your sexy thighs.

Website analytics, email subscribers, and revenue together in one place.

Do you know how your website traffic impacts your revenue? How about the percentage of your website traffic that converts to email subscribers? Do you like reading hypothetical questions on websites?

That’s what Spruce will do for you! No, not the hypothetical questions part. We will help organize all your business data in one dashboard and then use fancy algorithms (ooh) to give you specific recommendations (ahh) to increase your website traffic, email subscribers, and revenue.
Disclaimer: We can’t promise you’ll have sexier thighs by using Spruce.

*These are not actual metrics for SexyThighsClub.com because that site doesn’t exist.

Integrate these popular apps in Spruce right now.

And these are just the start! Don’t worry, we’ll integrate with your weird email marketing provider you’re stuck using later on down the road. Even if you don’t see the apps you use, we’ll allow you to manually add your own data so you can start enjoying Spruce right now.

*These are not actual metrics for SexyThighsClub.com because we made it up and the site STILL doesn’t exist.

Charts! Growth! Percentages! Yeah, we'll have all that stuff.

At a glance you’ll be able to compare your data against previous months and years. You won’t have to click a bunch of buttons or dig into a buried menu item to find it.
Spruce is going to show you increases and decreases in website traffic, email subscribers, and revenue. You’ll see the highs and lows of your business so you can make decisions about what’s working for your business and what’s not.
Plus, check out that progress bar! You know what they say about big progress bars? Big… well… you know.

Spruce is free while we make it awesome.

So sign-up, try it out, other suggestion, hit us up on live chat, and lastly share it. Help us grow!

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